30 Days of Security Testing – Day Eight

The challenge for Day Eight is – Use a proxy tool to observe web traffic in a web or mobile application.

For this challenge I could look back at using Burp Suite as that has a Proxy function, but another couple I’ve used are Fiddler and Charles Proxy.

I’m more familiar with Charles and have used it on various test cycles in uTest where they give a pretty decent tutorial on how to set up the service and record logs.

A proxy allows you to view and record the requests between a users’ browser and the web application server.

It can highlight GET, POST and other useful information that identifies how the application works, and how data is sent/stored.

As demonstrated with Burp, it is possible to intercept and modify requests between a client and a server.  This makes it possible to do some pretty hairy stuff such as changing quantities in orders, or to copy a user’s cookie and impersonate them at a later stage.



Thanks for reading my post and following my progress through the 30 Days of Security Testing.

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