30 Days of Security Testing – Day Twenty-Eight

The challenge for Day Twenty-Eight is – Share security testing ideas for specific domains

For this challenge I thought I’d look at E-Commerce as a domain, as there are plenty of opportunities to test for security vulnerabilities.

Some items to check if you were looking at testing the security of an e-commerce application:

  • Authentication – is there a lockout function on too many failed attempts?  Is there 2 factor authentication? Password complexity policy? Are login attempts encrypted?
  • Interception – Are requests sent securely? Is it possible to capture a user cookie and hijack a session?
  • Access – Once authorised, is it possible to change your own user rights?  Can you change your user ID and access another users records?
  • Injection – Is it possible to run SQL injection attacks on input fields?  If there are sections where you can add comments, can you run XXS attacks?
  • Payment – how are payments handled? How and where is payment information stored – how secure is this?



Thanks for reading my post and following my progress through the 30 Days of Security Testing.

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