Into the Dojo

Into the Dojo is an album by The Black Seeds – a mighty fine kiwi band that somehow whittles summer down into soundwaves and gently guides it through your ear canals

The software testing community really is the community that keeps on giving.

I was skim reading through some blogs and found a very interesting post from Kristine Corbus’ Test Retreat blog where she was running a competition to sponsor a 1 year Ministry of Testing Pro Dojo subscription.

I’ve been a member of the free Club membership for as long as I’ve been testing and found some really great content in there. I’d heard that the paid Pro membership was really worthwhile so thought I’d have a crack at applying.

I spent a couple of days drafting and redrafting my submission before I sent it off. I crossed my fingers and waited for a couple of weeks before to my delight I learned that my submission had been selected for the #PayItForward prize.

Crazy enough, I learned that I was one of only four people to apply!

Since activating my subscription I’ve been spoilt with content – what I found was:

  • Every single TestBash presentation since 2012 – this is massive
  • A range of courses crafted by experts in the field
  • Over 30+ Masterclass recordings
  • The full back catalogue of the Ministry of Testing AskMeAnything sessions where they interview famous practitioners and listeners are able to submit their own questions
  • A mountain of articles, blog posts and podcasts.

I think I’ll struggle to get through it in 12 months! The stuff I’ve seen read and heard up until now has been top quality.

If you have the opportunity to subscribe, I’d recommend giving it a go.

… In fact if you’re reading this before the 31st of May 2019, you might be interested in this link – good luck!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Kris Corbus for the #PayItForward initiative and recommended that everyone visit her well written blog here

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