Quest for Quality 2019


I’m excited and humbled to have been invited to speak at the 2019 Quest for Quality conference in Dublin in November.

The focus of the conference is the interesting space where artificial intelligence meets quality assurance.

Being that it’s hosted in Ireland, I wrote a limerick to preview my topic:


When Testers hear of AI,

There’s a fear that our jobs will all die,

But please don’t forget,

Before your eyes turn wet,

That a robot will rarely ask “Why?”


Also wrote another but thought the first was better:


There’s a thought that you can replace
A Tester for a Bot with a face
But the Bot won’t find
What is rude or unkind
So you’ll find bugs all over the place

Really looking forward to the conference as I find AI/ML really interesting, and will get to hear from some fantastic speakers.

Also always wanted to visit Ireland!

I’ll make sure to take plenty of photos and notes so I can share what I’ve learned on the blog.


If you’re attending the conference please track me down for a chat, I’m also on the lookout for a pre/post conference testing meetup – I’ve heard good things about Test Heads Dublin


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