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My first impressions of the MoT Pro Dojo


1. API Testing – Define API Testing

First off, what is an API? (not a refreshing beverage as covered here) API stands for Application Programming Interface: A quick search for dictionary in Google produced the following: Application - a program or piece of software designed to fulfil a particular purpose. Programming - the process of writing computer programs. Interface - a device... Continue Reading →

30 Days of Security Testing – Day Fourteen

The challenge for Day Fourteen is - Develop a test plan including security tests. In my day-to-day work I don't necessarily write formal test plans, but rather user stories for what I'm going to test. When writing my user story I'd consider the following points for security: Environment:  How is this application accessed?  Private network... Continue Reading →

My first published article!

Back in October this year I saw a post on the uTest forums that LogiGear magazine were looking for people to write for their upcoming December edition. They wanted people to write about emerging technologies - namely Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain. I don't know much about any of the topics but liked the... Continue Reading →

30 Days of Security Testing – Day Nineteen

The challenge for Day Nineteen is - Research Script Kiddies and/or packet monkeys. Script Kiddies and Packet Monkeys are derogatory term created by experienced hackers for unskilled/inexperienced hackers. Found a great article from the SANS institute written back in 2001 that explains the terms brilliantly. In more detail: Script Kiddies A script kiddie is a... Continue Reading →

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